Your 2020 Heroes Nomination Form – Please Print

Friday, November 20, 2020 – Virtual Awards Program  –  12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

We honor outstanding employees throughout the Sunrise business area. We recognize employees for their contributions to their business and the community. Take time to complete your nomination with as much information about your nominee as possible.  

Due to our Virtual Event we can only accept 30 nominations. Submit your nominations early. Final date to submit, October 4th , 2020.

Use a separate sheet o provide your information. Please provide typed written copy attached with is form. 

NOTE: Please provide a picture of your nominee with your nomination.

My Nominee: _______________________________Title_________ Company___________

Email ___________________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________

Include a brief description about why this person is being nominated:

  1. Describe ways nominee exceeds expectations.
  2. What differentiates your nominee from other employee’s in your business?
  3. What has the nominee done to improve their performance and professionalism?
  4. How has the nominee impacted the work of other staff members?
  5. How has nominee given back to the community? (Include charity work, civic and professional work etc.) When appropriate list all civic and charitable positions held and dates of involvement.
  6. New Category: Our SPECIAL HERO AWARD(s) for those who have shown exemplary dedication and commitment in a turbulent 2020. This includes a first-responder, healthcare worker,  retail store employee, etc. – anyone who continued to make  personal sacrifices to serve and save others.

Person Submitting the Name of Nominee:                                                          

Name__________________________ Business___________________________


Complete a separate application for each individual nomination.  

Ticket Information

Please review ticket information on Sponsorship Form. For more information contact – 954.243.8687 – or our Chamber President, Brian Feuer at 954.835.2428 about securing your corporate sponsorship.